Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure your application process is personal, simple and successful.

We look for students who bring their strengths, a passion for the field and the ability to be successful in a specialized master's program.     

Admission Deadline:

January 15 for Fall of the same year for Domestic and International applicants

Application Fee:
$85 USD for Domestic Applicants                 
$95 USD for International Applicants

Applicants are reviewed as a "whole person" and the selection committee will consider all parts of every application submitted, including the essays and letters of recommendation. We want the best students in our Master's program, but we do not have a maximum or minimum number of students that we accept each year.

If you are a US Citizen, applying to the Masters in MIS program, and are interested in working in cybersecurity with a U.S. Government agency our AZSecure Scholarship for Service Fellowship Program may be right for you. This two year program will provide a full ride scholarships to select individuals with the interest and aptitude for a career in cybersecurity. For more information, please click here.