The cybersecurity curriculum offered to masters students through the AZSecure Fellowship Program is based on our existing Management Information Systems concentration in Information Security & Assurance (ISA), enhanced with additional cybersecurity coursework, independent research study culminating in a Master’s Report, and completion of the Enterprise Security Certificate.

The following table lists the specific plan of study.  Additional information about the entire MIS curriculum can be found on the MIS Courses. 

Please note that other than the courses in the Enterprise Security Certificate (MIS 515, 516, and 517), and one or two other classes, all course work and research is conducted on campus.  The AZSecure program is currently not available online or through satellite campuses.

Year One

Semester One Semester Two
MIS 531 Enterprise Data Management* MIS 510 Web Mining and Analytics
MIS 541 Analysis and Design of Systems and Service MIS 515 Information Security in Public and Private Sectors** (CNSS 4011 and 4012)
MIS 543 Business Data Communications and Networking MIS 517 Systems Security Management** (CNSS 4013)
MIS 599 Independent Study (2 credits) MIS 599 Independent Study (2 credits)
Business requirements (if needed):
o    Financial Accounting (required) (first 8 weeks of semester) (2 credits)
o    Marketing or Operations Management (second 8 weeks of semester) (2 credits)

Summer One:

Service through qualified government Internship


Year Two

Semester Three Semester Four
MIS 507 Software Design MIS 545 Data Mining for Business Intelligence
MIS 516 Information Security, Risk Mgmt., Disaster Recovery** (CNSS 4016) 6 credits of Electives (+) to be approved by SFS Program Administrator
3 credits of Electives(+) to be approved by SFS Program Administrator Master's Project and Report - MIS696H
MIS 599 Independent Study (2 credits)  

Summer Two and beyond

Post-graduation service through qualified government position

* All courses are 3 units unless otherwise noted, e.g.,(2) = 2 credits.

** Courses marked with a double asterisk are courses, usually online, that lead to earning the Enterprise Security Certificate, designated by the CNSS number following the course name

+ Electives may selected from within the MIS program or outside of it, depending on the student's interests, career plan, etc.  Other schools and departments that may offer relevant electives may include, for example, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (e.g., Department of Sociology) and the School of Information/ISTA.  Check the Schedule of Classes, UA Course Catalog for information, or departments' websites for information. Course availability is dependent on the department, school, or college offering the course.