SFS News


  • The AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program has graduated its second class of Masters students and has admitted three new SFS masters students for Fall 2016.
  • A new grant has been awarded by the NSF to PI Hsinchun Chen to create a Cybersecurity Education and Research portal.  The funding of approximately $350,000 has been awarded as a Supplement to the primary SFS award made in 2013.  The award will be used to support student explorations and analysis on cybercriminal assets such as hacking tools, malware, source code, etc., across different geopolitical regions. Tools, visualizations, and tutorials embedded within the system will guide users through their exploration of relevant content within a safe and secured environment.
  • The Gen Cyber camps:  "Summer Camp, N.S.A-Style:  There's a Lot Less Hiking Than Hacking."  Read more about the GenCyber Camps, affiliated with NSF's Scholarship-for-Service program, on the New York Times website. Find out more about the UA's GenCyber Summer Camp Program on the MIS website at https://mis.eller.arizona.edu/gencyber-camps.
  • About the AZSecure Fellowship Program: “UA training cyber security experts for FBI, CIA and NSA” – A report in the Arizona Daily Star about the first class of AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellows.
  • Advancing Cyber Security: Dr. Salim Hariri, Director, UA’s Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center. - Dr. Hariri, a cyber security expert and a professor in the UA’s College of Engineering, dreams of computer systems that manage and protect themselves from cyber attacks. And slowly but surely, he and his team are turning that dream into reality. Read more about his ground-breaking work!
  • AI Lab Director and SFS PI Hsinchun Chen appeared on the Forensics Colleges list of top 15 cybersecurity professors. "Cybersecurity may seem like a sophisticated concept, and ... can include strategies for protecting identities and private information on the web as well as making the transference of information more secure on e-commerce sites. Our list of Top 15 Cybersecurity Professors includes those teaching and researching in the field or doing both," says the Colleges blog. 
  • "$5.4M in Cybersecurity Big Data Grants Awarded" - Congratulations to MIS faculty Hsinchun Chen, Paulo Goes and Mark Patton for being awarded two security big data grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) totaling $5.4 million. The projects will address the significant cybersecurity research and education challenges facing the U.S. and the international community today. The first project, Cybersecurity Scholarship-for-Service at the UA or AZSecure, has been funded through 2018 with $4.2 million in total. The second project focuses on understanding cyber attackers and attacks via social media analytics. The project is funded through 2016 in the amount of $1.2 million. 
  • CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program - The site by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which administers the SFS program.
  • The National Science Foundation administers the funding for SFS programs around the country. For proposal due dates, see the program solicitation, available in HTML, PDF, or TXT formats.