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Susan Brown

APS Professor of MIS
MIS Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation, adoption, and diffusion of information technology
  • Computer-supported communication
  • Knowledge-based systems and knowledge management
  • E-Learning
520.621.2429 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430Q

Michael Byrd

Lecturer in MIS
520.621.9600 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430FF

Hsinchun Chen

UA Regents' Professor of MIS
Thomas R. Brown Chair in Management and Technology
Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Director, AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence
  • Health analytics and mobile health
  • Knowledge management and business intelligence
  • Data mining, text mining, and web mining
  • Health informatics and security informatics
  • Digital library and search engines
520.621.2748 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430X

Eve Cran

Adjunct Lecturer in MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Earned value
  • Microsoft Project
520.621.2748 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430

Faiz Currim

Senior Lecturer in MIS
Assistant Director, INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Modeling
  • Temporal and spatial data management
  • Data security and privacy
  • Healthcare data management
  • XML Schema
520.621.3600 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430AA

Moshe Dror

Eller Professor of MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Cooperative game theory
  • Cost allocation in inventory and supply chain management
  • Applied combinatorial optimization in transportation, logistics and manufacturing
  • Intelligent solution systems for operations scheduling
520.621.7942 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430M

Yong Ge

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

Areas of Expertise

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Recommender systems
  • Business analytics
520.621.3927 office
520.621.2748 fax
McClelland Hall 430V1

Eyran Gisches

Senior Lecturer in Management Information Systems
Manager, Organizational Behavior Laboratory

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral operations management
  • Behavioral game theory
  • Interactive decisions in networks
  • Revenue management
520.621.4546 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430N

Paulo Goes

Eller College Dean
Halle Chair in Leadership
Professor of Management Information Systems
Co-Director, INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Areas of Expertise

  • Information technology evaluation
  • Electronic markets
  • On-Line auctions
  • Database and datawarehousing technology and systems
  • Database security and confidentiality protection
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Network design and performance
  • Modeling of complex production and information systems
520.621.2125 office
520.626.7334 fax
McClelland Hall 417L

Ken Gyure

Adjunct Lecturer in MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Earned Value
  • Supply Chain
  • Operations
  • Business Strategy
520.621.2748 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430

Lance Hoopes

Director, Eller Information Technology
Adjunct Lecturer in MIS
Associate Director, Information Assurance and Security Education Center

Areas of Expertise

  • Information security and information assurance
  • Information security risk management
520.621.5321 office
520.621.6361 fax
McClelland Hall 320AA

Gondy Leroy

Professor of MIS
Eller Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Text Analytics.
  • Search Engines, Information Retrieval/Extraction and Understanding by Consumers
  • Medical and Biomedical Informatics
  • Human Computer Interaction and User Studies
520.621.4106 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430W

Bob Messenger

Adjunct Lecturer, Management Information Systems

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Military and Aviation Operations and Technology
  • Program Management
  • Business Operations
  • Information Technology Management
520.621.2640 office

McClelland Hall 430FF

William T. Neumann

Professor of Practice in MIS
Director, BS/MS Professional Programs
Honors Professor and Faculty Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise systems and infrastructure
  • Information security risk management
520.621.5169 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430LL

Jay F. Nunamaker

UA Regents' Professor of MIS
Soldwedel Chair in Management Information Systems
Director, Center for the Management of Information

Areas of Expertise

  • Collaboration technology
  • Decision support and decision centers
520.621.4475 office
520.621.3918 fax
McClelland Hall 430GG

Robert Owen

MIS Lecturer

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Business Operations
  • Project Management
  • Lean/Six Sigma
  • Quality Systems
  • M&A Integration
  • Information Technology Management
520.626.4617 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430DD

Mark W Patton

Senior Lecturer in Management Information Systems
Program Administrator, AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Cybersecurity & Security Informatics
  • Decision support systems for automated deception identification
  • Organizational modeling and simulation
  • Agent based systems
520.626.8614 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430JJ

Sudha Ram

Anheuser-Busch Chair in MIS, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Professor of Management Information Systems
Director, INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Intelligence and web analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Enterprise data management
  • Data Provenance and semantic interoperability
520.621.4113 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430J

Joseph (Joe) Valacich

Eller Professor of MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Cyber security
  • Deception and fraud detection
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Technology-mediated group decision-making
  • Electronic commerce
+1.520.621.0035 office
+1.520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430CC

William Van Leuvan

Adjunct Lecturer in MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise computing environments
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Production and operations management
  • Project management
520.626.4817 office
520.621.8105 fax
Esquire 210F

Suzie Weisband

Associate Professor of MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Large scale collaboration in complex organizations
  • Managing interruptions and work performance
  • Leadership at a distance
  • Information infrastructure in telemedicine and e-health contexts
  • Distributed work in virtual teams
520.621.8303 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430T

Daniel Zeng

Gentile Family Professor of MIS

Areas of Expertise

  • Software agents and multi-agent systems
  • Collaborative information and knowledge management
  • Recommender systems
  • Social computing
  • Digital economic institutions
  • Automated negotiation and auction
  • Security informatics
  • Spatio-temporal data analysis
  • Online surveillance
520.621.4614 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430K