General Admissions Topics

When is my application due?

The deadline for all students (domestic and international) is January 15. Your application must be received by 5:00 p.m. MST on that day in order to be considered. Please allow sufficient delivery time to ensure that your application supporting documentation is delivered by the deadline.

What are the prerequisites of the program?

A four year bachelor's degree or equivalent as outlined by the Graduate College.

Please see the Graduate College's website at http://grad.arizona.edu/admissions/admissions-requirements for more information.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or MIS in order to receive acceptance into the program?

No. We accept students from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

Do I need to take business background courses before I apply to the program?

No. Any required business background courses can be taken while in the program. You will be notified of any possible business courses that are needed upon your acceptance into the program.

Do I need to know a programming language for the program?

Before joining our program, students should have experience in computer programming and in particular Web programming. Students should have knowledge and experience with (1) Java and (2) JSP and Servlets, PHP or .NET/J2EE. Knowledge of database connectivity via ODBC or JDBC is also recommended.

What are my chances of being accepted into the program?

Until we have received your complete application, we are not able to predict your chances of being admitted into the program. The selection committee will consider all parts of every application submitted, including the essays and letters of recommendation. We want the best students in our Master's program, but we do not have a maximum or minimum number of students that we accept each year.

Due to enrollment limits, the Eller College does not find it possible to admit all applicants who meet the minimum entrance requirements.

How long will it take to complete the MIS masters degree?

We offer several different Masters programs and depending upon which you apply for will depend on how long it will take you to complete the program.

Our Master’s in MIS with Concentrations program is 17 months long. Our Dual Degree and Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship programs can take up to three years to complete.

Do you accept international students?


What is the background of your students?

The background of our students is very diverse. The program attracts students from all over the world of various age groups, having different levels of education, work experience, and technical/professional expertise.

Is work experience required?

No and Yes.  Whereas work experience is not a mandatory requirement for entrance into the program, work experience does add positive weight to an applicant’s profile. "Real-World" experience enhances the educational experience as our MSMIS program includes many real-client experiential experiences.   Each year a few students with zero or little work experience are admitted however, all other aspects of their profile are very strong.

Do you offer online degree programs?

Yes, we offer the Master's in MIS and several certificates via an online method. Please visit MISonline for more details.

Do you offer summer or evening classes?

No we do not offer either summer or evening classes at this time.

Residency/Financial Aid Topics

How is “residency” determined by the University?

The Office of the Registrar is the SOLE authority in all residency decisions at the University of Arizona. Neither the MIS department nor the Eller College of Management has any influence in these determinations. For more information on residency rules and requirements, please visit the following site: www.registrar.arizona.edu/residency/residenc.htm

I am not a US citizen, but I am living in the United States. Do I still need to apply as an international student?

Yes. In order to qualify and apply as a domestic student, you must be a U.S. Citizen.

What financial aid and/or assistantships are available?

Research and teaching assistantships are sometimes available depending on departmental and faculty needs. If you are interested in assistantships, you should wait until you are in the program as most faculty want to know students before hiring them as a teaching or research assistant.

Are internships required?

No. However, we strongly recommend that students actively seek summer internships in order to acquire corporate work experience.

What is my estimated yearly cost for the program?

Visit the UA Bursar's Office to see the estimated costs of the program as per the Graduate College's student's basic budget requirements.

Testing and Score Reports Topics

Do I need to take the TOEFL?

The TOEFL is required only for international students. If you have a degree from an accredited US institution, you do not have to take the TOEFL.

How long are my test scores valid? How old can my GMAT/GRE score be?

The GMAT/GRE score must be less than 5 years old at the time of starting to take your first class.

How old can my TOEFL score be?

Test must have been taken within two years of the intended term of enrollment.  For example, a TOEFL exam taken in 2014 would be valid for Fall 2016.

Do I need to send my official test score reports?

Yes. You will need to request that your official test scores (GRE/GMAT/TOEFL) are reported directly to the University of Arizona - 4832.

Do I need photocopies of my tests scores?

Yes, during the online application process you will need to upload photocopies of your test scores.

Preparing/Submitting and Application

My GPA is below the average GPA of last year's class. Should I still apply?

Yes. Each applicant pool is evaluated separately. We also evaluate your entire breath of work and not just your standardized test scores or GPA.

How do I apply for the  Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship ?

Students seeking to participate in the Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship  program must apply to each individual program (Eller’s McGuire Entrepreneurship Program and the MS MIS) separately. Each program maintains independent control over its admissions criteria and procedures. Please visit this page for more information.

How do I apply for the Dual Degree Program?

Students seeking to participate in the Dual Degree Program must apply to each individual program (MBA and the MS MIS) separately. Each program maintains independent control over its admissions criteria and procedures. For application information to the MBA program, please visit the MBA website.

For admissions information to the MS MIS program, please review the MIS Admissions information. Students already enrolled in the MBA Program who are interested in enrolling in the MS-MIS program should contact the MS in MIS Program Coordinator in the Dept. of MIS for further details. Students already enrolled in the MS MIS Program should go to the Eller MBA office in McClelland 210 to schedule an interview appointment.