Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship

The Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship program offers students the combined strengths of two of Eller’s highly ranked programs.

Entrepreneurial principles and skills are the cornerstones to advancing innovative and meaningful ideas to reality. Whether you know you were born to be an entrepreneur or never expect to wear that title, the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program in uniquely designed to prepare you to realize greater success and ability to move the ideas about which you are passionate.


Students seeking to participate in the Master's in MIS with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship program must apply to each individual program (MIS and Entrepreneurship) separately.

Each program maintains independent control over its admissions criteria and procedures.

For admissions information to the MS MIS program, please review the MIS Admissions information.

For application information to the Entrepreneurship Program, please visit

Plans of Study

There are two plans of study. One for students WITH business backgrounds and one for students WITHOUT business backgrounds. View the plans of study here.