Master's in MIS Program

The Master's degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) with Concentrations is designed to prepare students for challenging careers involving the design, analysis, implementation and operation of computer-based information systems. MIS involves the use of computers in organizations and the integration of computer skills with the functional areas of management.

The Master’s degree program provides students with a foundation in three areas:

  1. Use of IT to support business processes and the strategic needs of the organization
  2. Enterprise data management
  3. Analysis of business processes for redesign and potential automation

The Master’s program does not require students to have undergraduate degrees in MIS or Computer Science specifically. However, our degree programs do require an intermediate level programming ability in languages such as Java or C++. In addition web programming languages such as Javascript, html, php or J2EE are also recommended.

Students complete a core of classes that will give them a broad based view of the complexities of information systems. They then complete at least three courses from concentration areas allowing students to customize their program and receive concentration designations*.

Concentrations include Security and Information Assurance, Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA), Managing Business Operations (MBO), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IAE).  In addition, many students complete internships (an integral part of the MS MIS program) as a part of their educational experience.

*To receive a concentration designation, student must complete at least two courses from the same concentration area.

Students without business backgrounds will be required to take up to 2 business requirements. They are:

  1. Financial Accounting course (required)
  2. A Marketing or Operations Management course, which ever they prefer.

View the Plan of Study here.

View the Core Courses list here.

View the Concentration list here.

If you are applying to the Master's in MIS program and are interested in a career in cybersecurity, our AZSecure Cybersecurity Program might be right for you. This two-year program provides full scholarships to select individuals. U.S. citizens can apply for the Government Service Track; anyone is eligible to apply for the Industry Employment Track.